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Hockey Nova Scotia formally established a High Performance Program in 1996, after the 1995 Canada Games in Grand Prairie, Alberta. The purpose of the High Performance Program is to identify and prepare young players from Nova Scotia for Hockey Canada National Team opportunities. The program also serves as a pathway for players to participate in the Canada Games (every 4 years), the Atlantic Challenge Cup, and the Team Atlantic Under-18 Program


What is the High Performance Program

  • Opportunity for players & coaches to participate in best on best provincial program


  • Pathway for Canada Winter Games Programs for players and staff


  • Pathway for Atlantic Challenge Cup


  • Pathway to Team Atlantic Under-18 Program


  • Pathway to  Hockey Canada National Under-18  Program for players and staff


  • Best on Best Players


  • On and Off Ice Education/ Curriculum


The current structure of the High Performance Program at the Female Under-16 Level is:

  • Spring Identification Camp (RBC Centre, Dartmouth)                                                  April 17-19
  • Summer Development and Evaluation Camp (St FX University, Antigonish)          July 8-12
  • Atlantic Challenge Cup (Moncton, NB)                                                                           October 9-12

While development is still the primary objective of the Female Under-16 division, the program does also include the selection of twenty players to represent Nova Scotia in the Female U16 Division as part of the Atlantic Challenge Cup, hosted annually in Moncton, New Brunswick.

For the past ten years, Hockey Nova Scotia’s High Performance Program has grown to include male players aged 13 to16 while the female divisions now include players aged 13 to 17. The Program has become very successful and is highly respected as a vehicle to assist players in advancing to Regional and National High Performance Programs.


The Nova Scotia High Performance Program has provided a unique opportunity to many players who have advanced within Hockey Canada National Programs. Some of the many players who have participated in Nova Scotia’s High Performance Program include:


  • Jill Saulnier, Team Canada National
  • Blayre Turnbull, Team Canada National
  • Brette Pettet, Team Canada U18
  • Madison Beck, Team Canada U18
  • Carly Jackson, Team Canada U18
  • Carmen MacDonald, Team Canada U18
  • Alexis Crossley, Team Canada U18
  • Jessica Wong, Team Canada U18
  • Brittany Haverstock, Team Canada U18
  • Tara French, Team Canada U22


The High Performance Program, while being focused on preparing and identifying the very best players in our province for future national program opportunities, offers a strong commitment to player development. The program will concentrate on exposing players to high level training programs including a focus on skill development, off-ice training and conditioning, and class sessions on many topics relevant to aspiring hockey players. The program will also provide Hockey Nova Scotia the foundation for those players who will eventually be selected to go on in the High Performance Program to higher divisions.


To this point Hockey Nova Scotia has established a relationship with Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic who provide and deliver an off- ice curriculum at our summer camp which includes:


  • Fitness Testing and education around testing
  • Nutrition education: Past sessions have included cooking lessons in the kitchen and trips to the grocery store
  • Mental Performance: dealing with adversity, and handling pressure
  • Strength and Conditioning: learning how to train properly



Complete the following medical form.



When a player is unable to attend a High Performance Program camp or event, that player is able to apply for an exemption to possibly move onto the next stage of the High Performance Process. While a player is able to apply for this exemption, they are not guaranteed to advance to the next stage of the process, it simply means that they will be considered.

At the end of each camp or event, players are ranked by position to determine their status in the High Performance Program. A player who has applied for Special Consideration will have their hockey ability evaluated and taken into consideration by the coaches and staff to determine if that player would rank among the top players at their position, had they been in attendance at a particular event.

Hockey Nova Scotia’s High Performance Program specifies the following situations in which a player can apply for special consideration for participation in the next step of the process. These situations are: 

1) Injury / Illness - a player is physically unable to participate in a particular step in the program due to either an injury or illness. Players are deemed to have qualified for this criteria when they provide a written medical excuse signed by a doctor; or 

2) Compassion - this includes any and all special situations that may arise where compassion is necessary. The responsibility of determining whether or not a player qualifies for consideration through compassion rests with Hockey Nova Scotia. 



Application for Special Consideration  can be found here  Any Special Consideration application must be received before the start the camp that the player would be missing



After March 10th, refunds will only be available should a player become injured and be unable to attend at the time of the camp. If a player becomes injured and cannot attend, requests for refunds must be accompanied with a written medical certificate from your family doctor specifying the reasons why the player should not attend.  In the case of all refunds, a $50.00 administration fee will be levied. All such requests must be forwarded to Hockey Nova Scotia, attention High Performance Programs, at fax (902) 454-3883.


Upon the completion of the Hockey Nova Scotia High Performance Program Spring Camp evaluations, players will be selected to attend the Summer Development Camp.


At the conclusion of the summer camp, Hockey Nova Scotia will select twenty players to represent Nova Scotia at the  Atlantic Challenge Cup in Moncton, New Brunswick.


For further details on the High Performance Program please contact Darren Sutherland, Development Director at (902) 454-9400, by e-mail at or visit our website at 

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