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Risk Management :: Travel Permits

In order to obtain a travel permit for your team, you must:

1. Be registered with the team you are associated with (ex: team manager or coach)
2. Have an eHockey account (

You are only able to apply for a travel permit for the team you are associated with.

Regional Directors are responsible for approving travel permits. Typically, the Regional Directors (who are Hockey Nova Scotia volunteers) only check their respective region’s travel permits once per week to approve them. Therefore:

1. Once you have applied for a travel permit, you will be given a permit number. This number is all that you require. You are not required to wait for the travel permit to say “approved.”

2. If the travel permit that you applied for comes back as “rejected,” please contact your
Regional Director for further information.

For a list of Regional Directors and contact information, please click here.

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