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High Performance

High Performance Program

The High Performance Program is a national program administered by Hockey Canada in partnership with Hockey Nova Scotia. The High Performance Program is intended to assist aspiring players in preparing for regional, national and international competition. Hockey Canada’s High Performance Program includes the National Male Under-17 program, the Female Under-18 regional program, the Male Under-18 National program, the Male Under-20 (junior) program, the Female Under-22 program, the national teams who compete at the World Championships, as well the Olympic hockey teams which compete every four years.
  • Opportunity for players and coaches to participate in best-on-best provincial programs
  • Pathway for Canada Winter Games programs
  • Pathway for QMJHL Gold Cup event at U16 level or Team Atlantic Female U18 level
  • Pathway to World U17 Hockey Challenge
  • Pathway to the National Female U18 program
  • Education
  • Best-on-best competition
  • On and off-ice curriculum


The High Performance Program is about:

Teamwork and the pursuit of common goals, which means that individual egos and agendas are left at the door, that no one players or no one staff member is bigger than the team and that NO ONE is more important than the program.

Roles and responsibilities and the ability to adapt, which means appreciating the need for every single role on the team, no matter how large or how small it may seem to be.

Continuous improvement and the need to achieve goals, which means pushing the limits, stretching beyond you comfort zone, working harder, becoming better...ultimately striving for excellence.

Facing the challenge and doing it with integrity, which means being pushed by competition beyond what you have ever experienced and accepting that order to give it your very best effort.

Being your best and taking everything you can from the experience, which means TOTAL commitment and order to be part of a team - that is the very best it can be.

Respecting the past, the tradition and all that has been built before you, which means cherishing the efforts and determination of the players and staff members that have come before, appreciating the abilities of former participants and about how they have made the most of their opportunities.

Pride in representing our province, which means displaying a positive image, fostering a role model for younger hopefuls, becoming ambassadors of our province, and showing your passion for wearing our provinces identity.

Building the future for other to strive for which means that each participant works together in writing the next chapter of the program's success as well as your own...together.

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