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I Want to Play! :: What You Need To Know

How old do you have to be?

You must turn 4 years old by December 31 of the year you are registering.

What are the age groups?

4-6 years old      
Non-competitive, no structured games.



7-8 years old      

Non-competitive, structured games permitted but no standings kept.


9-10 years old   

Competitive levels, structured games with standings, non-checking.

11-12 years old
Competitive levels, structured games with standings, non-checking.

13-14 years old  
Competitive levels, structured games with standings and levels of checking.

15-17 years old  
Competitive levels, structured games with standings and levels of checking.

18-21 years old  
Competitive levels, structured games with standings and checking.

Senior/Adult Rec              
20 years and over

Are there different skill levels?


U7 is open to all players 4-6 years old and for first time players is totally focused on teaching the basics of skating and becoming familiar with the ice, equipment and the basics of the game of hockey with no organized games.

U9 players are divided into three levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advancing so players may continue to learn the game with players of a similar skill level.

From U11 to U18, there are a minimum of five (5) levels for players to fall into. These levels include the advanced competitive level of AAA down to C-level hockey which is less competitive, non-checking and designed for participation over competitiveness.

Levels of Play (U11 – U18)

AAA (Note: there is no AAA-level at U11)
C (non-checking)

Can girls play? Do they play with boys?

Yes, Hockey Nova Scotia and Hockey Canada strongly encourage young girls to participate in hockey. At the U7 level, depending on numbers, boys and girls are mixed.

However, starting at the U9 level, Hockey Nova Scotia recommends that all-female teams be formed. We will try to accommodate any girl who wishes to play on an all-female team.

We have three level of female hockey offered from U11 through U18: AA, A, and B. All levels are non-checking.

How much does it cost?

The cost per season varies depending on where you live and the level you play.

The fee can be affected by the cost of ice in your area, its availability and the frequency of ice times for your team.

For more information, visit your local hockey associations's website.

How long is the season and how often do you play?

The hockey season runs from October to the end of March and the frequency of play depends on the level that you play. Typically, it varies from two times a week at the lower levels to 4-5 times at the more advanced, competitive levels.

Is body checking allowed in all hockey?

No. There is no body checking permitted at U7, U9, U11, U13, and all B and C levels. Checking is not permitted in any level of female hockey.

Body checking is introduced at the U15 level and all players wishing to play at the competitive level in U15 and above must take an introduction to checking clinic.

How can I get involved as a volunteer?

Hockey Nova Scotia, its 30+ Minor Hockey Associations and Female Hockey Associations, are run by volunteers. Our hundreds of teams are coached by volunteers. You can volunteer with your local Hockey Association by offering to assist administratively, coaching, managing or by being a trainer. All volunteers must pass a screening process. For further details, contact your local Hockey Association.

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