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Jun. 24, 2020

Hockey Nova Scotia is proud to announce that the Bedford Minor Hockey Association's Kyle Orychock is the winner of our 2020 Outhie Moriarity Award.

Outhie Moriarity Award is named in honour of late hockey supporter Outhie Moriarity given out annually to a C-level player who demonstrates dedication to the game, reliability, and responsibility.

Last season, Kyle was a standout with his U13 C Blues team in Bedford. It was a triumphant return to the rink for Kyle after a medical issue forced the premature end of his hockey year midway through the 2018-19 minor hockey campaign. While his friends and family watched his physical strength return in 2019-20, his courage, spirit and commitment to the game never wavered.

Some kids might have given up. Kyle didn’t. Instead, he quickly became a leader on and off the ice and earned the respect of both his teammates and his opponents.

Kyle showed up to every game with a smile. Having played at a higher level before his medical issue, his game was a little more refined than some of his teammates. However, instead of scoring goals, Kyle focussed on using his creative flair to set up his teammates.

This past season, Kyle’s integrity and commitment to fair play were on full display when the referee signalled his third goal of the game in a close contest. The goal would have given his team the lead with less than two minutes to play. However, it was unclear if the puck actually crossed the goal line. While the young official on the ice was feeling stress from the situation, Kyle told his coach the puck never crossed the line. This information was conveyed to the official and the goal was called back. 

His opponents scored in the final minute of the game.

But Kyle had no regrets.

“Fair is fair,” he said after the game.

On behalf of everyone at Hockey Nova Scotia, we would like to congratulate Kyle Orychock on receiving our 2020 Outhie Moriarity Award.

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