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Jun. 9, 2020

Hockey Nova Scotia is pleased to announce that Amherst’s Quentin Knock is the recipient of our 2020 Hockey Canada Officiating Program Branch Award: Most Improved.

Since joining the branch’s officiating program back in 2015, Quentin has improved steadily each and every hockey season. He has gained a reputation as a true student of the game and is keen to ask questions that will help prepare him for any and all situations on the ice.

Not only has Quentin improved as an official but he has also helped those around him improve as well. In fact, he can often be found officiating a U9 game with a young official and a
 high-level U18 game in the same day. Driven and determined, Quentin frequently offers advice to young referees and seeks it from his older peers.

A leader on and off the ice, he is a valued member of Cumberland County’s officiating team.

On behalf of Hockey Nova Scotia, we would like to congratulate Quentin Knock on receiving our 
2020 Hockey Canada Officiating Program Branch Award: Most Improved.

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