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Dec. 10, 2019

Hockey Nova Scotia Executive Director Amy Walsh today issued the following statement on discrimination in the sport of hockey on behalf of the Hockey Nova Scotia Board of Directors:

The last few weeks have been difficult ones for our game.

Recent incidents of discrimination in hockey, both internationally and here at home, are shining a light on some disturbing behaviour.

The victims of these incidents have demonstrated courage in coming forward with their stories. It is through these stories that we will see change.

At Hockey Nova Scotia, we believe that the rink should be a welcoming place for everyone. We believe that racism and discrimination have no place in our game.

While that is our belief, it is clear to us that racism and discrimination continue to exist in our sport.

This is a complex issue with deep and ugly historical roots. 

There are no easy solutions. But that is no excuse for inaction.

Today, we are setting an example and taking action. We recognize that solutions will only be found if we work together, particularly with those who are and who have been most affected.

That is why we are forming a task force, made up of individuals from under-represented communities in our game, that will help inform our policies and procedures to ensure that the rink is safe and welcoming for everyone.

The Hockey Nova Scotia Diversity and Inclusion Task Force will be made up of the following individuals:

Kendrick Douglas

Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, Senior Counsel

Levi Denny

Team Mi'kmaw Nova Scotia, Chef de Mission

Dean Smith

Hockey Nova Scotia Black Youth Ice Hockey Program, Program Lead

Crystal Watson

Recreation Nova Scotia, Executive Director

Steven Googoo

Waycobah First Nation, Band Councillor

Chuck Dauphinee

Halifax Mussels, Team Founder

We look forward to working with these individuals to begin a genuine process of understanding to make our game better. Racism and discriminatory behaviour will not be tolerated in our sport.

We know that hockey is a powerful tool that can bring people together. Today we are declaring that Hockey Nova Scotia, hand-in-hand with our task force partners, will work towards fostering this unity. 

We are all stronger when we work together.

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