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Jul. 19, 2019

DARTMOUTH — As first introduced at the Hockey Nova Scotia Annual General Meeting in May, the Nova Scotia Peewee AAA Hockey League will launch in the fall of 2019.

Approved on a two-year pilot basis by the Hockey Nova Scotia Minor Council, the new Nova Scotia Peewee AAA Hockey League league will provide enhanced development opportunities for Peewee players across the province.

The new league provides a grassroots solution to a grassroots issue.

Over the last year, we have been working with our minor hockey associations across the province – and their Peewee coaches – to improve competition and development.

Through consultation with our associations at our 2018 Fall Road Show, as well as several meetings with Peewee coaches since last September, the consensus was clear: a provincial Peewee AAA league is needed.

We will be seeking feedback from teams and families during the pilot period to see how we can continue to improve the Peewee product we offer. 

A True Provincial League 

The new league will include 16 teams from one end of the province to the other.

Eleven of these teams will be based out of the same minor hockey associations that they were last season.

The other five teams will be composed of players from neigbouring minor hockey associations in specific regions of the province.

It’s All About Athlete Development 

The objective of the Nova Scotia Peewee AAA Hockey League is simple: we want our Peewee players playing at the level they should be playing at.

The overwhelming consensus during our consultation process over the last several months has been that Peewee AAA players should be playing against other Peewee AAA players of a similar skillset.

It isn’t fair to force a player to play at a level that they are not ready for. It doesn’t help the player. It doesn’t help their opponent.

It doesn’t align with Hockey Canada’s Long-Term Player Development Model.

By establishing a 16-team league, we can better ensure that players are playing where they should be playing. 

A Schedule that Cuts Down on Travel 

The Nova Scotia Peewee AAA Hockey League is a provincial league.

Nova Scotia is a big province. We get it.

That’s why this new league uses a 30-game schedule that aims to cut down on travel. The schedule will be available in August.

By using neutral site locations and counting games played at selected tournament toward the league standings, this can be accomplished.

That’s going to mean less time on the road and more free time with the family.

Standardizing and Simplifying Peewee AAA Play 

* A standard game format: 3 x 15 stop time period
* Neutral site location games
* Tournament round robin games counting toward league standings (the 2019-20 schedule will officially begin at the 2019 Jordan Boyd Memorial Tournament in October)
* One Peewee AAA league website (


To download your copy of the Nova Scotia Peewee AAA League information brochure, please click here.

For more information on tryouts in your area, please contact your local Minor Hockey Association or your local Minor Council regional director.

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