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Oct. 17, 2017

Visit the Boston Pizza Team HQ website and use the referral code "HNS" when you sign up!

What is Team HQ?

Team HQ is a program that helps your team score free food at Boston Pizza.

The more people you have on your team, the better your chances will be of earning a bigger food credit – faster.

Every time you or your teammates order food from Boston Pizza, your team collects 10% of what you spend. That amount becomes a food credit that you can use for any team meal, including a post-game dinner, or a post-season blowout party with your team.

What is a “Team Captain” and why does every team need one?

Like a captain on a hockey team, the Team HQ “Captain” is the person who rallies the troops and keeps things organized. He or she is responsible for creating the team, accepting teammates, redeeming the food credit, and managing the team.

What is a team member?

A “Team Member” is someone who has been added to a team by the “Captain.” This person has three important jobs:
1) Eat at Boston Pizza (with or without the team).
2) Celebrate with the team, at Boston Pizza, before and after games.
3) Be awesome. 

How do I request to join a team?

If there's a specific team you want to join, just ask someone on that team to invite you. Once you get an invitation, all you need to do is accept it and wait for the team captain to add you (the team captain must approve all new team members).

What is MyBP and why do I have to sign up for it?

MyBP is a program that we created to make things better, faster and easier for our fans. As a member, you get free food, faster online ordering, and access to exclusive promotions, like Team HQ.

How do I invite my friends to join?

Just copy the invitation link on the Team HQ Home page and send it to your friends.

What is my Home Store?

Your Home Store is the Boston Pizza location where you, and your fellow team members, are going to use the food credit you've earned. The team picks their home store and the “Team Captain” would register the store. Though you can enter receipts from any Boston Pizza location, your Home Store is the only place where your team can go to redeem your food credit.

Can I join more than one team?

Are you a “Team Captain?” If so, you can only be on one team - your own. Are you “Team Member?” If so, you can be on multiple teams at the same time. If you're a team captain and would like to join another team, click here to see what you need to do.

I don't want to be on my team anymore. How do I leave?

You can email one of our customer service representatives at However, if you leave, you will not be able to re-enter your receipts with a new team. The food credit you helped your team earn will remain with the team, and can't be transferred to a new team.What is a "Food Credit"?

A food credit is the amount of money that your team has earned through Team HQ. Every time you or your teammates order from Boston Pizza and submit the receipt, 10% of what you spend goes towards it (that’s why it pays to have a lot of people on your team).

You can use your food credit to purchase any item on a Boston Pizza menu, except for alcoholic beverages. Since your captain is responsible for managing the credit, he or she will need to be there when you use it.

What’s the difference between “Total Spend”, “Food Credit” and “Redeemed”?

Total Spend is the total amount that you and your team members have spent at Boston Pizza. Once you spend $250, you’ll unlock your food credit.

Food Credit is the amount of money that your team has earned through Team HQ. In order to start redeeming, you must spend at least $250.

Redeemed is the amount of food credit that you and your team have used so far.

How do I increase my food credit?

By ordering food and drinks* from Boston Pizza. To submit your receipts, just go to the My Team page and enter your 15-digit Receipt Access Code (10% of what you spent will go towards your team’s food credit). Your receipt will expire after 28 days, so submit it as soon as possible.

If your receipt doesn’t have a 15-digit Receipt Access Code, email us at

Want to earn more, faster? Submit all your receipts, including the ones you got when you weren’t out with your team.

*Please Note: Team HQ members in Saskatchewan cannot earn food credit on alcoholic beverages.

My team has spent money at Boston Pizza. Why can't I redeem the food credit yet?

You can use your food credit once your team spends at least $250 at Boston Pizza.

Can I use my food credit to buy alcohol?

No, unfortunately you can't.

How does my team redeem our food credit?

Only your team captain can do this. Click here for more info.

Can I submit a receipt for more than one team?

No. You can only submit your receipt for one team. You can't split it between two or more teams, or submit it more than once.

It says that my receipt is pending. When will it be approved?

Your food credit is updated daily. If you don't see your updated credit amount now, check back tomorrow. When it is approved, it will say "CONTRIBUTION" instead of "PENDING".

Is there a maximum amount of food credit a single team can earn?

Yes, the maximum food credit your team can earn is $2,500 per year.

What is a badge? How do I earn one?

Badges are a fun way for us to reward you for being a team player. You earn them based on how much, or how little, you participate in the program. Here's what you can get:

1. MVP: Does this one even need an explanation? An MVP badge is the equivalent of a great big pat on the back. 2. Bench Warmer: Like a real-life bench warmer, this person has contributed zilch to the team and needs to get their head (and wallet) in the game.

3. In-Store Champ: The person who has spent the most money at Boston Pizza restaurants gets the privilege of owning this badge.

4. Online Hero: This person is fantastic at two things: ordering online from Boston Pizza and entering receipts on Team HQ. A true hero.

Can I submit receipts on Team HQ for other Boston Pizza promotions?

Unfortunately, you can't. The receipts that you submit on Team HQ are for Team HQ only. If you would like to submit a receipt for another promotion, go to the "Unlock Special Offers" section of MyBP.

Why was my receipt declined?

Your receipt was declined for one of these reasons:
1) Your receipt was already submitted by someone else
2) Your team was created more than three days after the date on your receipt. 3) Your receipt is more than 28 days old.
4) You submitted more than 5 receipts in a single day
5) You submitted more than 3 receipts from a single date
6) We couldn’t find your check in our system

Need more information? Email us at

I purchased a gift card but it was declined. Why?

Unfortunately, you can’t earn food credit for your team by purchasing gift cards.

How many people can be on a team?

Up to 25 people, including the team captain. Add as many people as you can, get them to eat at Boston Pizza, and watch the number on your food credit skyrocket.

I want to change my team name. How do I do it?

Only the “Tteam Captain” can do that. All he / she will need to do send us email at

I want to change my Home Store. How do I do it?

Once again, only the team captain can do that. He/she will have to email us at

How long will my team stay signed up?

As long as you and your teammates continue to participate in the program, your team will always remain active. If you want to have your team removed, your captain can choose to disband it at any time.

How do I delete my team?

There are two ways to do it:
1) The team captain can visit the Manage Team page and select "Disband Team".
2) You can email us at and we'll do it for you.

Keep in mind, if you disband your team, you will lose your entire food credit and will not be able to get it back. Think long and hard before you do this.

The captain disbanded our team. What happens now?

Unfortunately, there is no way to get your team (and your food credit) back once it has been disbanded. You'll have to create a brand new team.

Does my Food Credit ever expire?

As long as your team continues to participate in the program, your food credit will never expire. You’ll only lose it if your team is inactive, or if your captain chooses to disband it.

How do I accept new people onto my team?

Go to the Manage Team page. There is a section that lists all of your pending teammates. All you need to do is accept the ones you want on your team.

There's a number on the "Manage Team" label. What does that mean?

This number indicates the amount of pending invitations you have (from people who have accepted a request to join your team). In order to add these people to your team, you need to go to the Pending Teammates section of the Manage Team page and select "Accept".

How do I redeem my team's food credit?

Once your team spends $250, your food credit will appear in the "My Offers" section of your MyBP account. If you'd like to redeem your credit, here's what you need to do:

If you have the MyBP app:
1. Go to your Home Store
2. Open your MyBP app and check in
3. Give your server your 3-digit check-in code

If you don’t have the MyBP app:

1. Go to your Home Store
2. Give your server your phone number or email address once you do that, your server will know who you are and how much you have to spend. At that point, all you need to do is order and eat.

I accidentally declined someone. How do I re-invite them to join?

Just re-send them the link to join your team. You can find it on your "My Team" team page.

I don't want to be captain anymore. Can I transfer the responsibility to someone else?

Sure thing. Just email us at and we'll give the captaincy to another member of your team (so long as that person isn't a member of another team).

I have everyone that I want on my team. How can I stop getting invites?

Visit the Manage Team page and go to the "Full Team" section. Flip the switch to "FULL" and you will stop getting requests from people who want to join your team.

My team says it's marked as full, but I didn't change it. Why?

Each team has a limit of 25 members. Once this limit is reached, your team will be automatically marked as full. If you'd like to edit your roster, email us at

Can I join more than one team? 

If you're a team member, you can be on as many teams as you like; however, if you're a team captain, you can only be on one team - your own. 

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