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Aug. 27, 2017

Hockey Nova Scotia recognizes that the August 2, 2017 statement has raised some questions regarding the process that needs to be followed to have female players from the Antigonish area play in a female league. It is important to reiterate that modifications to the Female Hockey framework and governance model were approved by the Hockey Nova Scotia board after consultations and meetings at the grassroots level around the province in 2014 and early 2015. Minor Hockey Associations were involved in those consultations.  

These modifications were adopted at the 2015 Hockey Nova Scotia Annual General Meeting, and have been discussed at subsequent Annual General Meetings up to the current year. Female Council members as well as Minor Hockey Association representatives attend Annual General Meetings. The expectation from the Hockey Nova Scotia board is that the information being received at these meetings is to be communicated to minor hockey association members. To that end, we wish to confirm the following process:  

  • Female players who wish to play female hockey in Nova Scotia must sign up through the Hockey Nova Scotia Female Hockey Central Registry. This is not a new change.  There is no requirement to sign up through the Antigonish Minor Hockey Association registry.
  • Female players who have signed up through the Female Central Registry are given to female hockey zone committees (or a Female Hockey Association in the case of Metro West) who, in turn, assigns them to a team in the zone. This is not a new change. All committees place female players in their home area as long as there are adequate numbers. When there are insufficient players to host a team within an area of the zone, committees look at other options such as merging areas, as was done for Bantam A last season (Antigonish players merged with Colchester players for one Bantam A team).
  • Teams registered with Minor Hockey Associations cannot play in female hockey leagues. Teams registered with Minor Hockey Associations play in minor hockey leagues.
  • Hockey Nova Scotia Female Council’s goal is to have the six Female Hockey Zone committees become fully functional Female Hockey Associations. Metro West accomplished this in April 2017. Other zone committees have started this process, including the Fundy-Highland committee. Steps taken to date by Fundy-Highland have been endorsed by Hockey Nova Scotia Female Council, and further steps will be reviewed by Female Council on an ongoing basis.  
  • Hockey Nova Scotia Female Council will not be creating a 7th zone in the province at this time, given the current numbers of female players.

The Fundy-Highland committee has full autonomy over female hockey in that region.  We encourage further discussions to take place between the Fundy-Highland committee and the Antigonish Minor Hockey Association to establish a solid structure and positive hockey experience for female players during the 2017-2018 season.

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