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Dec. 7, 2016

Hockey Nova Scotia Update: School hockey programs Work-to-Rule Job Action

As a result of the current position of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union (NSTU) to begin work-to-rule job action this week, school hockey programs will not be sanctioned by the Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation (NSSAF) during this time. As a result, these programs will no longer be covered by Hockey Canada’s insurance.

This means that teams cannot practice or be on the ice for any structured team events (including exhibition games and scrimmages). Hockey Nova Scotia officials will not be sanctioned or permitted to officiate any school hockey games until such time as the Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation (NSSAF) resumes sanctioning school hockey.

Any coach who participates in an unsanctioned practice, scrimmage or exhibition game will face significant disciplinary action through Hockey Nova Scotia (HNS) that will affect future coaching opportunities with HNS and the NSSAF.

Please find below two memos from Executive Director Darren Cossar regarding the NSTU's work-to-rule job action.

Memo to NSSAF, Junior high and high school teams: Sanctioning and Insurance during work-to-rule

Memo to All Nova Scotia Junior and Major Midget teams: High school players

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