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Dec. 1, 2016

The deadline to have coach certification completed is today!

All Minor Hockey Associations are reminded that the deadline for coaches to complete their coach certification is December 1.

This means that all coaches must have the following completed by the end of

  • CAR (Child Abuse Registry)
  • CRC  (Criminal Record Check)
  • HU-Safety
  • Respect in Sport Coach/Volunteer Program

All bench staff who fail to complete these qualifications by December 1 must be removed from the ice and bench. The only exception would be if a member of a team’s bench staff that has all qualifications except a coach qualification and are registered for a Coach Clinic after December 1.

A coach with all qualification except a Coach Clinic must be registered for a Coach Clinic on the HCR to be eligible. Any coach that registers for a Coach Clinic after the December 1 deadline will have to wait until the clinic is completed before being permitted on the ice or bench.

Coaches marked Ineligible as per Regulation 11.14 are not to be on the ice or bench until qualifications are obtained.

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