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Sep. 27, 2016

As we begin a new hockey season, Hockey Nova Scotia would like to remind our Minor Hockey Associations (MHAs) and members of our Dressing Room Supervision Policy.

The policy reads as follows:

Hockey Canada (HC) and Hockey Nova Scotia (HNS) work diligently to protect all participants from all forms of Bullying, Harassment and Abuse whether Emotional, Physical or Sexual. HC and HNS consider any form of Bullying, Harassment and Abuse to be totally unacceptable and will do everything possible to prevent this behavior from taking place within all Minor and Female Hockey dressing rooms. To this end HC/HNS will promote awareness of all forms of Bullying, Harassment and Abuse by providing Educational materials and Programs for Participants, Parents, Coaches, Volunteers and Staff members.

It is the Policy of HC/HNS that there shall be no Bullying, Harassment, or Abuse permitted whether Physical, Emotional or Sexual of any Participants in any of the HC/HNS Programs. HC/HNS expects every parent, coach, volunteer and staff member to Safeguard the Welfare of all Participants and to Protect them from any form of Violence.

To that end HNS requires all Coaches/Bench staff and member Minor Hockey Associations to provide supervision for all Minor/Female Hockey dressing rooms before, during and after all games and practices. HNS requires that Minor/Female players should be supervised at all times, HNS requires MHAs/ Coaches to follow the ‘‘Two Deep Method” of supervision recommended by Hockey Canada. A lone personnel member should never be in the dressing room with players at any time, especially when players are showering or changing: two adults should be present together, this is called the “Two Deep Method” of supervision. Supervising personnel must be members of the team staff or adults who have completed either “Speak Out” or the “Respect In Sport” for volunteers and have submitted their record checks [CAR &CRC] to their MHA. Parents of all players should be made aware of the “Two Deep Method” and avoid letting their children into unsupervised dressing rooms.

All Minor Hockey Associations within HNS are required to develop a Dressing Room Supervision Policy that supplements this HNS policy and this it is to be to be communicated to all members within that Association.

Failure to comply with this HNS Policy will result in Disciplinary action being taken by the appropriate HNS Council through the HNS Discipline Co-ordinator. A first Offence will result in a letter of reprimand being issued to the Head Coach and copied to the team’s Minor Hockey Association. A Second Offence will result in an Indefinite Suspension being issued to the Head Coach and an investigation being conducted by the appropriate HNS Council.

The intent of this Policy is to ensure the Safety of all participants in the Minor and Female Hockey Programs within HNS.

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