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Sep. 27, 2016

TO: All Minor Hockey Associations
FROM: Darren Cossar, Executive Director, Hockey Nova Scotia

To all:

As a result of discussions and a request from our Minor Hockey Association presidents, Hockey Nova Scotia will be conducting a thorough review of the current Novice hockey regulations. This review will include HNS Development personnel, Minor Council representatives, HNS representatives and minor hockey volunteers. It will be completed during the 2016-17 season with a final report and recommendations coming at the 2017 HNS AGM in May.

Several issues have been identified as concerns with the existing Novice regulations. Some of these concerns involve the number of games that Novice players play in a season. Currently, some Novice teams play as many games as our elite league teams and they are doing it on a full-ice surface. It is well documented that a focus on skill development and small area games work best for player development at this age. A game cap to cut down on the number of games being played is also being explored.

To view Hockey Nova Scotia's Long-Term Player Development Model, please click here.

Based on this information and the upcoming review, HNS encourages MHAs to review the recommendation below and implement it as they see fit for the 2016-17 season.

Reduce the number of full-ice games by a minimum of 10 games at the Novice level and supplement the removal of these full-ice games with skill development sessions and half-ice games that promote and encourage player development at this age level.

To be clear, significant change will be coming for the 2017-18 season.

Have a great season!

Kindest regards,

Darren Cossar

Executive Director

Hockey Nova Scotia

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