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Dec. 1, 2015

Hockey Nova Scotia Risk Management Bulletin (01/2015)

All Hockey Nova Scotia Members
From: Scott Kennedy, Chair of Risk Management and Senior / Adult Rec Hockey
Date: December 1, 2015

HNS Promotes Helmet and Neck Guard Safety This December

At Hockey Nova Scotia, player safety is a top priority. Wearing appropriate and properly fitted equipment as per Hockey Canada and Hockey Nova Scotia regulations is essential when it comes to preventing injuries.

Accidents can happen to anyone at anytime and anywhere. This is especially true in sports, like hockey, that involve physical contact. Player safety is a shared responsibility.

This is where risk management becomes important. Risk management includes identifying, assessing and minimizing (or eliminating) risks. It requires all participants in organized hockey to play specific roles in order to prevent accidents and injuries before they happen.

During the month of December, I am introducing an education and awareness campaign directed at players, minor hockey associations, female hockey zones, all leagues, referee-in-chiefs, coaches, and bench officials. The focus will be on helmets, chin straps, and neck guards.

This month, Hockey Nova Scotia encourages coaches, officials and all team volunteers to ensure that all players are wearing their properly-fitted helmet and neck guard correctly at all times. Coaches and officials are also encouraged to set a good example for our young players by ensuring that their helmets are properly strapped on whenever they are on the ice.

During the month of January, our referee-in-chiefs will be working with our officials to ensure that these equipment guidelines are being met. Failure to comply will result in on-ice penalties.

I have included some helpful instructions from Hockey Canada with regard to the fitting and maintenance of player equipment. Please use this month as an opportunity to teach our young players about the importance of safety whenever they are on the ice.



Scott Kennedy (Risk Management and Senior / Adult Rec Chair, Hockey Nova Scotia)

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