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Jun. 14, 2015

CAMPBELLTON, N.B. – Sixty-seven Nova Scotians were selected at the 2015 MHL Draft in Campbellton, N.B. over the weekend.

A pair of teammates from the Cape Breton Tradesmen (Nova Scotia Major Midget Hockey League) were the first two players chosen at the draft. The Valley Wildcats, who held the first two picks of the draft, selected Branden Dauphinee first overall while teammate Dylan Morley was taken second.

Rounding out the first round were Aaron Maillet (Yarmouth Mariners, third overall), Mark Kennedy (Pictou County Weeks Crushers, fourth overall), Gregor MacLeod (Campbellton Tigers, sixth overall), Avery Warner (Miramichi Timberwolves), and Noah McMullin (Yarmouth Mariners, ninth overall).

For a complete list of Nova Scotians selected at the 2015 MHL Draft, please see below. For a complete list of draft results, please click here.

Hockey Nova Scotia would like to congratulate all of the Nova Scotians who were selected at the draft. Best of luck in your hockey futures!

First Round

1. Branden Dauphinee (Cape Breton Tradesmen) – Valley Wildcats
2. Dylan Morley (Cape Breton Tradesmen) – Valley Wildcats
3. Aaron Maillet (Cole Harbour WolfPack) – Yarmouth Mariners
4. Mark Kennedy (Cape Breton West Islanders) – Pictou County Weeks Crushers
6. Gregor MacLeod (Cole Harbour WolfPack) – Campbellton Tigers
8. Avery Warner (Cape Breton West Islanders) – Miramichi Timberwolves
9. Noah McMullin (Newbridge Academy Gladiators) – Yarmouth Mariners

Second Round

1. Cody Grant (Halifax McDonald’s) – County Aces
2. Logan O’Neill (Cape Breton Tradesmen) – South Shore Lumberjacks
3. Jonathan Mason (Newbridge Academy Gladiators) – Woodstock Slammers
7. Connor MacLeod (Newbridge Academy Gladiators) – South Shore Lumberjacks
8. Keegan Gauthier (Halifax McDonald’s) – Miramichi Timberwolves
10. Brock McLeod (Newbridge Academy Gladiators) – Pictou County Weeks Crushers

Third Round

2. Matt Williams (Newbridge Academy Gladiators) – Summerside Capitals
5. Ian MacPhee (Halifax McDonald’s) – Campbellton Tigers
9. Andrew Martell (Cole Harbour WolfPack) – Yarmouth Mariners
10. Christian Huntley (Halifax McDonald’s) – Amherst Ramblers
11. Shaun Miller (Cole Harbour WolfPack) – Pictou County Weeks Crushers

Fourth Round

2. Mitchell Johnston (Cape Breton Tradesmen) – Amherst Ramblers
10. Brandon Farrell (Cape Breton Tradesmen) – Yarmouth Mariners

Fifth Round

1. Tristan d’Entremont (South Shore Mustangs) – Dieppe Commandos
7. Landon Trickett (Cape Breton West Islanders) – Valley Wildcats
9. Matt Satoris (Gatineau Olympiques) – South Shore Lumberjacks

Sixth Round

1. Matt Berrigan (Cole Harbour WolfPack) – Yarmouth Mariners
3. Brandon Pottie (Halifax McDonald’s) – Campbellton Tigers
5. Liam MacDonald (Cape Breton Tradesmen) – Woodstock Slammers
6. Dylan Riley (Valley Wildcats) – Pictou County Weeks Crushers
7. Mitchell Rankin (Valley Wildcats) – Valley Wildcats
8. Quinten Johnson (South Shore Mustangs) – Pictou County Weeks Crushers
9. Evan MacLennan (Weeks Major Midgets) – Pictou County Weeks Crushers
10. Mitchell Balmas (Cape Breton Tradesmen) – Amherst Ramblers
11. Daniel Reid (Cape Breton Tradesmen) – South Shore Lumberjacks

Seventh Round

2. Morgan Lunn (South Shore Mustangs) – South Shore Lumberjacks
3. Aaron Parks (Newbridge Academy Gladiators) – Amherst Ramblers
4. Barrett Dachyshyn (Halifax McDonald’s) – Pictou County Weeks Crushers
5. Matt Greene (Saint John Sea Dogs) – Truro Bearcats
6. Reilly Pickard (Acadie-Bathurst Titan) – Valley Wildcats
7. Hunter Hurlburt (South Shore Mustangs) – Amherst Ramblers
9. Brett Crossley (Halifax Mooseheads) – Yarmouth Mariners
10. Sean Smith (Cape Breton Tradesmen) – Summerside Capitals

Eighth Round

1. Levi Denny (Cape Breton West Islanders) – County Aces
3. Caelan Blaikie (Weeks Major Midgets) – Pictou County Weeks Crushers
4. Axel Poirier (Cape Breton West Islanders) – Truro Bearcats
10. Doug Barton (Cumberland County Jr. B) – Pictou County Weeks Crushers
11. Randon MacKinnon (Cape Breton West Islanders) – South Shore Lumberjacks
12. Josh MacMillan (Valley Wildcats) – Dieppe Commandos

Ninth Round

5. Graham Rutledge (Phillips-Exeter Prep) – Truro Bearcats
10. Lance Emery (Weeks Major Midgets) – Pictou County Weeks Crushers

Round 10

2. Austin Gough (Valley Wildcats) – Yarmouth Mariners
4. Julian Makary (Weeks Major Midgets) – Summerside Capitals
5. Brendan Cregan (Valley Wildcats) – Truro Bearcats
6. Jack Gallant (Cole Harbour WolfPack) – Valley Wildcats
7. Craig Murray (Weeks Major Midgets) – Valley Wildcats
9. Travis Parks (South Shore Mustangs) – Yarmouth Mariners

Eleventh Round

2. Peter Drohan (Halifax McDonald’s) – Amherst Ramblers
3. Walter Flower (South Shore Mustangs)—South Shore Lumberjacks
5. Ben Higgins (Weeks Major Midgets) – Truro Bearcats
7. Cole Rafuse (Valley Wildcats) – Valley Wildcats
9. Matt Barron South Shore Mustangs) – Yarmouth Mariners
10. Grant Fraser (Weeks Major Midgets) – Pictou County Weeks Crushers

Twelfth Round

1. Alexander Arab (Cole Harbour WolfPack) – County Aces
2. Ian Drysdale (Rothesay Netherwood School Riverhawks) – Amherst Ramblers
3. Isaac Bridge (South Shore Mustangs) – South Shore Lumberjacks
5. Derek Gentile (Rothesay Netherwood School Riverhawks) – Truro Bearcats
7. Brett Thorne (Newbridge Academy Gladiators) – Valley Wildcats
10. Bradley Shaw (Halifax McDonald’s) – Pictou County Weeks Crushers
11. Matt Warner (Weeks Major Midgets) – Woodstock Slammers 

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