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Apr. 24, 2015

Good Day,

As per Hockey Nova Scotia By-Law Four, “Amendments to the By-Laws” (see below), please find attached the proposed changes to the HNS By-laws as submitted by the Governance Review Committee.

Please click here to view the 2015 Notice of Motion.

These Notices of Motion will be voted on at the HNS AGM on Sunday May 24 at the Best Western Plus, Dartmouth by the voting members of HNS as per By-Law Eleven (please see below).

Darren Cossar
Executive Director, Hockey Nova Scotia


4.1 Amendments can only be made to the By-Laws at the Annual General Meeting or at the Semi-Annual Meeting of Hockey Nova Scotia. With a quorum in place, a three fourths majority is required to adopt an amendment to a By-Law. At all Annual, Semi-Annual or Special or General Meetings of Hockey Nova Scotia a quorum shall consist of at least 50% plus 1 of the eligible-voting delegates.

4.2 Notices to amend the By-Laws must  be received in  writing  or  by electronic mail by he Association Executive Director 60 days before the Annual General Meeting. The Executive Director shall communicate by electronic mail and posting on the Hockey Nova Scotia web site all such proposed amendments to each member thirty (30) days before the Annual General Meeting.


11.At the Annual General Meeting, Semi-Annual Meeting and Special or General Meetings of Hockey Nova Scotia, the following shall be entitled to one (1) vote each.  A member of the Board of Directors who is also an Officer is entitled to only one vote.

  • Officers of Hockey Nova Scotia
  • Board of Directors of Hockey Nova Scotia
  • Junior Council Official Delegates three (3) in addition to the Chair (to be the President or
  • Designate of each of the three (3) Junior Leagues, one (1) vote per League)
  • Female Council one (1) in addition to the Chair (to be determined by Female Council) Minor Council Official Delegates five (5) in addition to the Chair (to be determined by Minor Council)
  • Elite Hockey two (2) votes, Major Midget and Major Bantam Leagues, one (1) vote for the president or their designate for each league.

11.Any  delegate  holding  a  credential  signed  by  the  President  and  Secretary  of  the registered league or team shall be considered the legal representative of that league or team, but in any case, a delegate cannot represent more than one (1) league or team. All credentials for registered leagues or teams must also be signed by the Chair of the Council or designate.

11.At all meetings of Hockey Nova Scotia or of its Committees, voting shall be by a show of hands, unless otherwise decided.

11.For the Board of Directors’ meetings only, the President may, of his own volition, order a mail or fax vote be taken by the Executive Director.

11.No proxy vote will be accepted.

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