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Feb. 14, 2015

Team Nova Scotia hits the ice tonight in their opening game of the 2015 Canada Winter Games.

At 11:30 p.m. AST (7:30 p.m. PST), Nova Scotia's Canada Games Female Team takes on Alberta at the Games in Prince George, BC.

According to head coach Troy Ryan, his team knows what they have to do at the tournament.

"I’ve tried to create, through my conversations with the team, a mentality that we’re just not happy participating and taking in all of the cultural aspects of the Games,” Ryan said. “We’re there and we want to compete and we want to make a difference on the ice."

The team’s coaching staff is made up of Ryan (Halifax/Campbellton Tigers, MHL) and assistants Amanda Boulegon (Eastern Passage/Saint Mary’s Huskies, CIS) and Mike Lunn (Cole Harbour/Newbridge Gladiators, NSMMHL), as well as goaltending coach Joe Johnston (Lower Sackville/Dalhousie Tigers, CIS). Ashley Julian (Indian Brook/support coach), Jason Tobin (Dartmouth/equipment manager) and Brad Taylor (Bedford/Director of Operations) complete the team staff.

Ryan says that when the staff was assembling the team, they knew what they were looking for.

"Regionally, we’d be a relatively skilled team when you look at the four [Atlantic] provinces. Obviously at the [Atlantic] Challenge Cup, we won a gold medal so, in the skill department, we’re there,” he said. 

“But what we wanted to do when we selected the final roster was we wanted to bring some character so we may be sacrificing in some areas to get that character and the main reason behind that is to get some people who are willing to play the team [game] as opposed to worrying about themselves as individuals. Hopefully, the type of characters we have are willing to play that type of team game and hopefully it ends up with some positive results."

Like most of the Atlantic Canadian teams, Ryan knows Team Nova Scotia is entering the tournament as an underdog.

"It’s a good label if you play accordingly,” he said. "I think it’s no secret that individually on paper, a lot of the teams will be better than us but I think if we go in with the mentality that we have to do some special things and be prepared to do things with a little bit more and better detail than some of the other provinces, then I think we give ourselves a fighting chance."

Ryan says it is important for his team to play it’s own style in Prince George.

"I think system-wise or structurally, if we just do the same things that other teams are going to do, I think that we’re going to find ourselves probably on the losing end of a lot of games. But I think with the concepts we use - if we mix things up and our details are a little better or a bit more refined - we’ll give ourselves a chance."

To have that success, the players will be looking to make their opponents adjust to their game plan on the ice.

“We’re going to do some things that some of the teams maybe haven’t seen before and we’re going to hopefully catch some teams off guard and have them adapting to us,” Ryan said. "In a short term event, if you can have teams thinking and worrying about you, you give yourselves a chance to play.”

To stream tonight's game, please click here.



Carly Jackson 
Hometown: Amherst
Team: Cumberland County Blues, NSJHL

Morgan Farrow 
Hometown: Bedford
Team: Pro Cresting Penguins, NSFMHL


Breah MacEachern 
Hometown: Pomequet
Team: Ontario Hockey Academy

Kristen MacIntyre 
Hometown: Sydney
Team: Ridley College

Allie Munroe 
Hometown: Yarmouth
Team: New Hampton School

Taylor Perry 
Hometown: Trenton
Team: Northern Subway Selects, NSFMHL

Julia Scammell 
Hometown: Murray Siding
Team: Northern Subway Selects, NSFMHL

Julia Schmitt 
Hometown: Truro
Team: King’s-Edgehill


Brianna Hill 
Hometown: Falmouth
Team: King’s-Edgehill

Sierra Lee 
Hometown: Fergusons Cove
Team: New Hampton School

Annie MacDonald 
Hometown: Bedford
Team: Appleby College

Ally MacDonell 
Hometown: Belnan
Team: King’s-Edgehill

Autumn MacDougall 
Hometown: Dartmouth
Team: Canadian International Hockey Academy

Rachel Monk
Hometown: Porters Lake
Team: Pro Cresting Penguins, NSFMHL 

Catherine O'Connor
Hometown: Halifax
Team: Trinity College

Jenna Pellerin
Hometown: Halifax 
Team: Metro Boston Pizza, NSFMHL

Brette Pettet
Hometown: Kentville
Team: Shattuck-St. Mary's 

Mallory Rushton
Hometown: Amherst
Team: New Hampton School

Jane Stevens
Hometown: Upper Tantallon
Team: Rothesay Netherwood School

Bobbi Strople
Hometown: Herring Cove
Team: Canadian International Hockey Academy

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