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Jan. 28, 2015

Following the tragic passing of a Sackville high school student this week, we are reminded of the responsibility we all share in keeping our rinks and dressing rooms as safe and healthy as possible. We would like to stress to our members the steps that should be taken to prevent the spread of all illnesses at all times during the hockey season.

  • For many years, Hockey Canada has had specific steps in place to reduce the spread of any infection in the hockey environment and we urge you to remind your teams of the following:
  • Team staff need to emphasize to players and parents the need for total cooperation in all aspects concerning personal hygiene.
  • Players should be urged to report all illnesses to their parents and the Safety Person/Trainer. Parents are urged to keep their children away from the hockey environment if they are showing any signs of illness.
  • Players should be encouraged to wash hands routinely and always after handling hockey equipment. Frequent hand washing with soap and water is one of the best preventions we can recommend. Teams are encouraged to carry extra hand soap or hand sanitizer as not all arenas have this readily available.
  • Talk to your players about covering their mouths and nose when coughing or sneezing using their arm as opposed to their hands.
  •  Advise players to try and not touch their own mouths or nose when in the hockey environment to reduce the chance of them passing an illness on to themselves.
  • Ensure all players and staff members have their own water bottles labeled with names and players numbers. Sport drink bottles should be avoided as direct lip contact is possible when drinking.
  • Officials and coaches should avoid drinking from other players’ water bottles and have water readily available to them on their benches.
  • Players should not share towels, clothing, bar soap or other personal items such as razors.
These are simple steps that we can all take to help prevent the spread of illnesses at all times during the hockey season.

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