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Jan. 27, 2015

Hockey Nova Scotia is proud to announce that a hockey health symposium and coaching seminar will be held this March during the CIS University Cup event in Halifax and you're invited to attend!

The aim of the symposium is to emphasize the wonderful benefits of our national game, which include improving physical fitness, emphasizing the value of healthy competition and playing hockey well into later years. With a renowned faculty of experts, it is our intention to emphasize the importance of nutrition, modern training techniques, advances in equipment design, and the value of psychological preparation. During our afternoon session, following quarter final game #3 of the CIS University Cup, a ‘State of Concussions in the Game’ panel discussion will take place, allowing all attendees the opportunity to engage in this very important and high profile topic.

The Hockey Health Symposium will be an integral part of ‘CIS University Cup Championship Week’ and a terrific opportunity for hockey fans, parents, coaches and the entire medical community to meet, discuss and learn while enjoying some of the best hockey in the country.

Hockey Nova Scotia’s inclusive coach seminar is designed to allow coaches at various levels to hear from some of the most experienced coaches around. The intent of this session is to bring coaches together to network, share ideas, concepts, sharing best practices, learn and evaluate from the CIS National tournament which is one of the best leagues in the country.

The two games included in the session fee will allow coaches an opportunity to evaluate players, coaches and the game as part of the tasks for the day.

Presentation topics will be covered by professionals working in the field to share their knowledge and experiences to local coaches. Topics to be presented will include: skill development, practice planning, individual tactics, off ice fitness, player development, team tactics, small area games, bench management, goaltending, video.

To register now for one (or both) of these sessions, please click here.

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