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Jun. 6, 2014

After the tremendous success of pilot programs in Halifax and Sydney during the 2013-14 season, Hockey Canada and Bauer are helping break down the barriers to hockey across Canada by introducing THE BIG ASSIST program to get new players on the ice and new families involved in the game.

Bauer and Hockey Canada are pleased to offer Minor Hockey Associations across Canada an opportunity to host THE BIG ASSIST in their community for the 2014-15 season. In order to be considered, please review  the criteria below and submit a copy of the completed application to by July 11th.

THE BIG ASSIST program is designed to ensure a positive experience for new-to-hockey families. This means breaking down the barriers that exist for many of these parents, and making them feel at home within our hockey community. We want them to experience the game at its best – understanding why so many Canadians feel an inherent love for the sport – and stimulate a desire for continued participation. We want to take away any intimidation as it relates to the equipment and/or rules of the game, remove potential safety concerns and most importantly, give them an experience that’s memorable and fun.

Leadership will be critical to the success of these program objectives.

Given this program is designed for entry level players, instructors and other volunteers should be positive, energetic, creative, fun-loving and above all, patient. Experience teaching hockey is not necessary for all volunteers. But a desire to learn instructional techniques in the delivery of fundamental ice hockey skills is. This must also be coupled with an enthusiastic attitude and desire to work with children.


THE BIG ASSIST is comprised of three main components:

  • Welcome Event: Executed by Bauer & Hockey Canada, this is an opportunity to engage new families into the community and fit participants with head-to-toe gear.
  • On-Ice Trial: 6-weeks, 1 session/week offered at a consistent day/time for $199* (taxes included). At the conclusion of the program, participants are gifted the equipment for future use.
  • Transition Program: Intended to provide families a path forward within the Association. While the specifics of this offering may vary slightly by Association, parameters should fall in line with The Big Assist (time commitment, consistent session day & time, cost, etc.), but provide participants with more advanced programming (i.e. 3-on-3 play). 
* Registration Fee to offset program costs incurred by Bauer & Hockey Canada.


Minor Hockey Associations applying for THE BIG ASSIST must meet the following criteria:
  • Commitment to new program offerings, including THE BIG ASSIST.
  • Year 1 Ice Requirement: Two blocks of 6 successive ice sessions on the same day of the week at the same time each day. (i.e. On-Ice Trial Oct 20th - Dec 1st, with Transition Program Jan 5th - Feb 16th)
  • Year 2 Ice Requirement: Minimum of four blocks of 6 successive ice sessions.
  • Ability to provide community space for THE BIG ASSIST Welcome Event.
  • Commitment to program education (throughout organization).
  1. Ability to provide resource personnel to support the delivery of THE BIG ASSIST program:
  2. Program Administrator
  3. On-Ice Lead
  4. 4:1 ratio of participants to instructors
  5. 8 Volunteers (required for Welcome Event, 1 time only)

 CLICK HERE to download the Program Overview

 CLICK HERE to download the Program Logistics

 CLICK HERE to downlaod the Program Application

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