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Welcome to the home of Hockey Nova Scotia!
CBC Hockey Stars is back again for the 12-13 season!
Dec. 2, 2012

CBC News Nova Scotia in collaboration with Hockey Nova Scotia will be producing a Young Athlete of the Day segment between 5:00 – 5:30 p.m. weekdays.


The Young Athlete of the Day segment will be featuring local hockey stars and athletes from other winter sports (up to age 17) each day on the show. A new Young Athlete of the Day webpage will be featured as a link on the CBC website where you can view all of the Nova Scotia young athletes. We’ll randomly select the young hockey star and other athletes to appear on CBC News Nova Scotia at 5.


In order to participate here's the information we need about each player:

·         Name

·         Age

·         Hometown

·         Team

·         Position

·         A photo of the player in their team uniform




When applying for the program please include your email address so that you can be contacted in advance to let you know when your star’s hockey card will be featured.


Let’s work together to shine a spotlight on the young Nova Scotians playing the sport of choice in our province.


In order to enter in the program please forward your player’s photo and information to


Don’t Forget to Watch CBC News Nova Scotia on television or at

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