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Female development programs off and running for 12-13 season
Dec. 1, 2012

December Female Hockey Update                                          

Dear Female Players, Parents and Coaches:

     The season is moving along quickly and before we know it Christmas will be upon us. I thought it might be a good opportunity to reflect on activities to date and to put forth some reminders relative to female hockey events and activities that are on the horizon.


Varsity Connection Program:  At the Christmas break we will have had a total of 8 teams participate in this totally interactive and exciting experience. That’s approximately 140 female hockey players from Atom to Bantam attending AUS Women’s scheduled games….not to mention the inclusion of coaches, managers and family members. Please check out the second half of your schedules and call the regional director in your area to book a home game at SMU, Dal, St. F.X or MT A.


Skills Dev’t Program: Our first event of the season took place on the traditional date of Nov. 12th at the Dartmouth Sportsplex with close to 100 females from IP to Adult throughout the day. Each player received one hour of skating skills and 1 hour of puck skills supported with small area games and exposure to basic hockey concepts. The 2nd Skills Dev’t Program will take place at Cole Harbour Place on Dec 22nd. Please call Sarah Holman or Brad Taylor at 454-9400 at  HNS to register. ( Stay tuned for additional dates to be announced for Truro and Cape Breton regions )


Female Festival: This festival is scheduled to take place  in Cole Harbour on April 13th to 15th, 2013. There have been a number of requests regarding the event and questions about registration. Book the dates on your calendar now and look for registration information and/or promotional material in the New Year. I would like to announce that Marie Normore will oversee the Festival this year…..needless to say plans for the Festival are well in the work to produce thee best program to date.


Female Hockey Guides:  The Female Hockey Guide books have been distributed to female hockey players and MHA’s across the province. These guides are packed with program and event information, yearly calendar, directories, HPP programs, NSFMHL, the AUS, and stories about individuals who have provided leadership and promotional aspects of female hockey. If you have not received one or would like another copy to give to a friend who may be interested in learning more about female hockey in Nova Scotia, please call Sarah Holman at 454-9400


Coaches: Keep up the good work. For those of you involved especially in the development levels please keep in mind the importance of utilizing your resources through good practice planning, managing and utilizing your assistants, creating good teaching stations, maximizing the ice available to you, and satisfying the “ game fix” through fun competitions, small area games, cross ice games or half ice games.


                                                                                        Sincerely Yours,                    Barry Wisener

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