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HNS has 24 drafted into the QMJHL
Jun. 12, 2012

Hockey Nova Scotia is very proud of the 24 young men drafted into the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League this past weekend.
With eight drafted in the first three rounds, the number one Nova Scotian pick was Matthew Highmore going in the first round and eigth overall to Saint John.

See below for the full list of Nova Scotian draft picks -

Round 1
Matthew Highmore - 8th overall

Round 2
Mason McDonald - 20th overall
Mark Trickett - 24th overall
Duncan McIntyre - 25th overall
Zavhary Moody - 32nd overall

Round 3
Brendan Nickerson - 38th overall
Josh Pugsley - 45th overall
Nicholas Quillan - 48th overall

Round 4
Nicholas Blanchard - 62nd overall

Round 5
Alexander Mann - 77th overall
Jamie McIntyre - 89th overall

Round 6
Morgan Messenger - 95th overall
Gareth Nicholson - 107th overall

Round 7
Alex MacNeil - 112th overall
Nicholas Gibson - 124th overall

Round 9
Tyler Brown - 150th overall

Round 10
Chase Marchand - 168th overall
Evan MacEachern - 178th overall
Justin Dickinson - 183rd overall

Round 11
John Mullaly - 196th overall

Round 12
Jeffrey Hanes - 202nd overall

Round 13
Brett McNeil - 231st overall

Round 14
Matthew Graham - 238th overall
Steven Brooker - 241st overall

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