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CH team wins SNS Sport Makes a Difference Award
Jun. 12, 2011

Cole Harbour Team wins prestigious RICOH Sport Nova Scotia “Sport Makes A Difference” Award 

Late September, early October is an exciting time for hockey players.  Teams are being selected and coming together.  The Cole Harbour Bantam AA hockey team was no different but Coach Paul Mason approached the parents about adding a special young man to the team. 


The young man was Michael Rumsby who was diagnosed with cancer and was preparing for treatment. Coach Mason explained to the parents of the team that this was a very serious situation and the young man would likely not play much, if at all and in fact, may not last the year with the team depending on treatment and condition.


The parents and players all agreed that Michael would no question, be a part of their team. Not only was he a part of the team, they named Michael their captain and rallied around him providing support. A special bond formed amongst the players, the team came together and learned so much from Michael, while Michael drew strength and confidence from his new teammates. Michael never wanted special treatment and his teammates respected him for that.  They ensured that wish was honored, treating him no different than any other player during practice, on trips and in the dressing room.


This group went above and beyond to demonstrate commitment to Michael from organizing no –contact shifts with opposing teams so he could still play while ill during treatment, to supporting him while he was going through treatment and in the hospital for his operation.


These boys, through the efforts of their coaches and each other, learned what the word team is truly about.  Not only did they support Michael, but they supported each other as Michael went through his treatments and operation. Michael has gone through an operation to remove his tumor, chemotherapy treatment and is now on the road to recovery.


Throughout the experience, Michael has been an inspiration and role model for his teammates who were faced with some very difficult situations that no one should have to go through, let alone at such a young age. However together, they endured and came through as better individuals.  The 2010-2011 hockey season was no doubt a life-changing experience.


Hockey Nova Scotia is proud to have coaches and players like head Coach Paul Mason, Michael Rumsby and the Cole Harbour Bantam AA hockey team involved in our game.


Cole Harbour Bantam AA Hockey Team

Head Coach: Paul Mason

Asst Coach: Greg Foote

Asst Coach: Marcel Deveau

Asst Coach: Hilary Trainor

Manager: Terry Fraser



Roman Bengert                                   Patrick Conrad

Brett Crossley                                     Ryan Fraser

Jeffrey Jorgensen                                Daniel Kiley

Kyle MacAulay                                   Connor Malcolm

Liam Mason                                        Chase Murphy

Payton Parker                                     Troon Riddell

Michael Rumsby                                 Christian Smith

Zach Tagliapietra                                Logan Tansley

Jacob Tibert                                        Justin Webb

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