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Risk Management :: Complaints/Investigations

Factors to Consider In Conducting an Investigation/Appeal

The purpose of any investigation/appeal is to determine the facts that lead up and/or are part of any incident that caused a member of HNS to be subject to a review as per the articles, by-laws, Rules and Regulations of HC/HNS.

Climate: In all investigations/appeals, the climate must be positive, objective, non-judgmental and fair. In essence, the climate must be such that the integrity of the investigation/appeal is not jeopardized. The same applies if the person making the complaint is an on ice official.


(1) The Chair of the League/Minor Hockey Association where the infraction occurred should be asked to set up a time and place for the hearing that is convenient, if possible, for all parties.

(2) Individual parties to the infraction should be interviewed at different times with the person making the accusation scheduled first to ensure that the nature of the complaint is clear.

(3) The President/Chair of the League or local Association may be asked to be present, but will only participate if asked to do so by the Chair of the Investigation/Appeal.

(4) The appellant, if a minor, should be accompanied by an adult and be informed of same in advance of the hearing.

Format for meetings: 

  • Welcome
  • Introduce all and indicate role of each individual in the meeting
  • Review purpose of the meeting
  • Explain the jurisdiction of the Chair (to gather facts and make recommendations)
  • Allow one speaker at a time
  • Point out that you are taking notes
  • Allow each party to make points by remarks


(5) Immediately upon completion of the investigation, a recommendation, in writing, should be sent to the Suspension Facilitator of HNSMC.

For a copy of the Hockey Nova Scotia Complaint Intake Form, please click here.

To view the On-Ice Officials Complaint Protocol, click here

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