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Officials :: Contacts

Michael MacDonald

Minor Hockey Referee-in-Chief (North Conference)
Lloyd Smith

Minor Hockey Referee-in-Chief (Nova/Western regions)
Mike Greek

Minor Hockey Referee-in-Chief (Halifax/Dartmouth regions)
Paul Boese

Minor Hockey Association Referee-in-Chiefs/Assignors
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Officiating Manager - Elite Hockey and Development
Adam Aldred

Referee-in-Chief (Female)
Lesley Jordan

Zone Coordinators:

Cape Breton              
Shaun Currie   

Avard Fahey


Nelson Thompson    


Nathan Cormier


Ben Larouche     


Willie Murphy      


Michael Greek    

League Liasons:

AUS/Junior A
Rick Hill               

Junior B                         
Leo Mroz
Junior C                         
Colin Miller   

Major Midget                 
Corey Hayne      

Major U15              
Phil Power    

Incident Reports:

Minor Hockey                
Ken Boyce         

AUS (Male)                       
Dave MacLean

AUS (Female)                
Mike Eagles

Junior A                      
Tom Allaby

Junior B                      
Jan Isenor

Junior C                      
Tom Foley          

Major U18              
John Sellers

Minor U17
Ken Boyce         

Major U15          
Pete Marcott     

Female U18 AAA     
Ken Boyce        

NSSAF Incident Reports:

NSSAF Hockey Commissioner 

Capital Zone 
Frank Hubley

Northumberland Zone

Jeff Hazelton

Highland Division 1

Michael Carrigan

Highland Division 2
Robert MacDonald

Western Zone
Mike Reynolds

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