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Risk Management :: Respect in Sport
Respect In Sport

The Respect In Sport Program is designed to equip our coaches, volunteers and parents for the journey in hockey (and beneficially, is applicable to many life scenarios).  The programs prepare us for what may lie ahead and allows us to reflect on the excitement and the challenges we face participating in sport.  Both the Coach/Volunteer and the Parent versions are extremely valuable and HNS stands behind the content, the purpose and the knowledge offered in the Respect In Sport Programs.

*Please note -
All coaches and volunteers are required to complete the Respect in Sport Coach/Volunteer Program.
If you have already completed the SpeakOut course, you are not required to complete the RIS Coach/Volunteer program.
This program has no bearing or relation to the RIS Parent Program.  Regardless of whether you have completed the Coach/Volunteer program, one parent is still required to complete the Parent Program (they are two different programs) should your child fall under the required category.

Please see below for those parents required to complete the Respect in Sport Parent Program.

Respect in Sport Coach/Volunteer Program

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