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Officials :: 2016-17 Clinics

Hockey Canada Officiating Program (HCOP) Referee Certification Clinics

Click here for information on how to register for officiating clinics.


September 10 – NSCC Yarmouth

September 10 – NSCC Marconi

September 10 – NSC Akerley

September 11 – Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre

September 17 – NSCC Truro

September 17 – NSCC Akerley

September 18 – JH Gillis High School

September 18 – NSCC Marconi

September 24 – NSCC Pictou

September 24 - Acadia University

September 25 – Bridgewater High School

October 1 – NSCC Akerley

October 1 – NSCC Cumberland

October 15 – NSCC Akerley

October 16 – 14 Wing Greenwood

*** PLEASE NOTE: ALL CLINICS RUN FROM 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.**

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Frequently Asked Questions (Clinics)

Q - Do I have to preregister for a clinic?

A - YES – There is now an online system where you will have to register for a clinic for the 2016-17 season (you should have a Hockey Canada ID number then you go online to register). You must check with your local Referee-in-Chief (RIC) to ensure there is room for you in their association. This list can be found under contacts, then RIC.

Q - Do I have to attend the clinic that’s being held in my town or district?

A - No. You may attend any clinic held anywhere in the branch that best fits your schedule. However please remember that you must pre-register for your clinic online. If you do attend an out of district clinic, let your RIC know so they will be able to keep you on their active officials list.

Q - What level should I register for?

A - To register as a level 1 you must be 14 years of age by Dec 31st.

  • To register as a level 2 official you must be 16 years of age by Dec 31st.
  • You may register as a level 2 if you are 16 without any previous experience if you pass the exam.
  • Hockey Nova Scotia requires that you remain an official for a minimum of 2 years at each level before you can advance to the next level.
  • If you have taken a year off of officiating you must start one level below what then what you were registered at (ex – level 3 took a year off, I have to take level 2 this year)
  • To register as a junior official you must be 13 years of age by Dec 31st.
  • Please note: The junior officials program is only available in some select areas. These officials can only work novice levels of hockey.


Q - How much does the clinic cost?

A - This is online under clinics.

Q – How do I pay?

A – By credit card online. However, those who show up to a clinic will not be turned. Walk in registration has a strict CASH ONLY policy.

Q - Do I need my skates or gear for the clinic?

A - No you do not need any “officiating” gear for the clinic. You must bring a pen / pencil, notebook, rule book and procedures manual (for level 1, 2’s if you have it). EVERYONE will be given a new manual this year.

Q - Do I need to bring any Gym gear or PT (physical training) gear?

A – No. You will be informed of the change in fitness goals at each clinic

Q - What time can I expect start and finish the clinic?

A - Registration for all full-day clinics will begin at 9:00am. The clinics will begin promptly at 9:00am and run until 4pm, with a ½ hour break for lunch.

Q - I have a game at 3pm. Can I leave early?

A - NO! Hockey Canada mandates that in order to be certified, you must attend the full clinic, and you must obtain a passing grade on your exam. It is YOUR responsibility to clear your schedule of conflicts. Clinic dates are posted early enough so that you can plan your time accordingly.

Q - Will lunch be provided at these clinics?

A - No. You will be responsible for bringing your own lunch. Participants should bring a lunch as the ½ hour lunch break will not be enough time for you to leave the premises for a meal.

Q - Is there a test? And what mark do I need?

A - Yes. Every level official must write the hockey Canada exam. It is a closed book test and you must obtain a passing grade. For level one and two officials it is 70%. Three and four officials is 80%, five and six officials is 90%.

Q - What do I do if I fail the test?

A - If you are a level 3 or higher, you will be allowed to rewrite your exam for a $25.00 fee at any subsequent clinic. You will need to contact Beth Reid at immediately and you also need to have the instructor send in a copy of your test. You can then make arrangements at a later clinic to simply show up to write the test.

Should you have any additional questions, please contact me at the email address below.

Good Luck!

Beth Reid
Coordinator of Officiating

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